How To Know If A Low Or High Carb Diet Is Right For Your Body

How To Know If A Low Or High Carb Diet Is Right For Your Body

For all your ongoing health conscious, suit fanatics around, there’s an excellent news. You could have your favorite loaf of bread in a sandwich, you could have leafy greens or eggs- yes, all when you lose weight.

Whenever we hear of the word dieting, we think about it as a punishment generally. Totally reducing specific foods and eliminating almost all our favorite sweets and what not. But according to a new book written by Bob Harper, a renowned celebrity fitness trainer, and author, all carbs are not bad carbs and you don’t have to kick them off from your food list!

In his publication, “The Extremely Carb Diet“, he from a thing that we’ve been yearning to listen to. He emphasizes that the main element of losing excess weight is to consume the proper food like the right carbs rather than eliminating carbs completely.

Harper from that crash diets tell you firmly to banish certain foods from your own diet often, but this mindless reducing might not be of very much help. So that you can include your favorite loaf of bread while those sandwiches are acquired by you, you could have pasta, you could have eggs or meat – all in amount and yes, in the right proportion. This super-high carb diet professes an inclusion of whole grains in your diet.

Why are whole grains important for your daily diet?

Keep in mind your dietician asked you to add oats upma or flax seeds as the right part of your daily diet? There was reasonable. Oats and flax seeds are rich sources of whole grains and these are important for your body. Whole grains are a must- have for your body. This is so because consuming whole grains help your body to fight chronic diseases and keeps your heart healthy.

Including dietary fiber from whole grain is important for smooth bowel function as well as helps you to keep pounds in check. Certain whole grains are especially good for your weight loss regime. Here are some of them:

  • Brown rice
  • Oatmeal
  • Flax seeds
  • Unhulled barley

Apart from keeping you away from chronic illnesses, these good carbs help you with a high satiety value. This, in turn, will help you in removing those hunger pangs and hence, you will eat less. Hence, try and include good carbs in your diet, and lose excess weight happily!